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How to Prepare for the January Rush in the Leisure Industry

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What is in your training plan, to make sure you start with a bang?

40% of your business could be done between January and the end of February,


Any training that we complete needs time to bed into the business, and give the staff time to practice their new skills so that they can have them mastered for when they need them most.

Below is a list of courses you may wish to consider to make the new year start with a bang!

Sales training – Foundation course – 4 days

A practical training course covering the main tools and techniques needed for successful sales within the leisure industry. This course is tailored to meet the needs of your individual team members.

Day 1-2: Working with your management team to analyse your business and create a bespoke product map and tools for your organisation. The aim is to give your managers the skills and confidence to deliver this course themselves.

Day 3: Setting up a PowerPoint presentation specific to your needs.

Day 4: Presenting the course whilst your in-house trainer makes notes (so they can present this course going forwards)

By the end of the course, attendees will be able to:

•        Identify the features and benefits of the centre/organisation

•        Implement checklists to support the sales process from lead generation. Covers from the initial phone call, to facility tour, to sign up

•        Interact professionally with customers and leads in line with standards. Includes telephone calls and face to face meetings

•        Understand how their performance will be measured and monitored

•        Understand different types of customers and their reasons for joining

•        Create new lead generation opportunities

•        Understand and implement the sales process

•        Manage objections, take tours and implement different close alternatives

Customer care – Overview – 2 days

This two-day course will enable your team to understand what makes excellent customer service and the importance of creating a good first impression. It covers everything from identifying different customer ‘types’, understanding how to communicate effectively, measuring customer satisfaction and how to make the most of the upselling opportunities. We’ll help your team to identify the features and benefits of the centre/organisation and make sure that they understand the range of products and services available. The course also includes a ‘fussy customer walk’ – a mystery shopper exercise to see how things really appear from a customer’s point of view. On day two we will work with the management team to talk through the findings of day one and ensure that the team are onboard to ensure that there is an active action plan.

Fitness – Improving interactions – 2 days

This course is aimed at fitness instructors and looks at how to build and improve customer relationships. Did you know there are over 200 reasons why you need to interact with gym users and members? We’ll show your team how to make the most of every opportunity.

This two-day course also includes an overview of DISC personality profiles and how to use them to identify different customer ‘types’. We demonstrate how to get the induction process right and create a brilliant first impression. We’ll also look at equipment and training knowledge (features and benefits) and how to communicate it to customers.

On day two we will work with the fitness management team to review the findings of day one to verify understanding and ensure that the team are able to build an active action plan.


DiSC – Workplace 1 day

This course will show you how to use different management styles and techniques to get the best out of your team members and create a positive, well-motivated working environment. We’ll show you how to improve team performance by setting clear goals and objectives and demonstrate how to develop your team’s personal and functional skills.

This course will also ensure that each team member has a personal DiSC profile completed so that they can:

·        Understand themselves better – and work on improving their working routine

·        Realise that they may have blind spots – help themselves by understanding how others see them

·        Understand how to recognize personality styles of other people and how best to adapt to get the most from the team/situation.

·        Will provide a personal development plan

·        Prevent conflict in the organisation by using the comparison data, to help ensure that you work with each individual (who has had a profile completed) in a way that they will respond to ensure that you are getting the best from the teams

DiSC –  Management 1 day

This course will enable the management team to ensure that that have an understanding of their team, as well as how to adapt to get the best from them, areas the course will concentrate on are:

·        Delegation, what is your delegation style and how you can adapt to delegate better within the team

·        Motivation, how you like to motivate the team, and how you can adapt to each personality style to ensure you are motivating them in their style.

·        How to manage your boss – getting the best from your manager is a big factor in ensuring that the team is effective. We discuss ways you can ensure that your boss sees you as an effective member of the team.

·        Group culture – what is your team culture? What are the benefits? Discussion on dodging the pitfalls to create a better more effective atmosphere in the team

Time and Task – 2 days

If you struggle to fit everything in, then this course will help. We’ll show you how to manage your time more effectively – using technology to help to keep you on track and demonstrate some simple ways of deciding what to focus on next when everything seems to be a priority. You’ll leave the course feeling more organised and in control.

Day 1 – Looking into the theory behind the organisation and challenging the normal routines; using Pareto’s 80 – 20 rule to ensure the work we are completing is the most effective for the organisation and not the things we have always done.

Day 2 – Putting together a daily task planner throughout the month for each department and then looking into meeting structures to build effective meeting agendas to allow time to be used efficiently.

Other courses

DiSC for sales – 1 day

Staff Induction training – variable dependent department and starting point.

Train the trainer – 2 days

Coaching and objective setting – 1 day

Business audits – 1 day (dependent upon Leisure Management System)

Managing the sales process – 2 days

Marketing audit – 1 day

Marketing plan – 3 days

Other courses are also available, please contact us for details


“The course was excellent. It covered everything to make our campaigns a success and also was a healthy nudge in the right direction for things we aren’t doing and should be!!”

“The pacing, timings, content and delivery of the course were excellent” “Craig was an excellent and very uplifting and motivational speaker”

“Just wanted to thank you for the training yesterday, all have commented how brilliant and thought-provoking it was!”

“The training that we have had from Craig has been first class. We originally booked two days for Craig to come and give training to half of our staff we immediately rebooked him to come back to us and train the remainder!”

“Very informative and passionate which made it extremely entertaining, fun and easy to learn, I’ve now got loads of ideas!”

All courses are run by Craig Campbell, for more information please email: [email protected] or call 07572686845.