Time & Task Management Course

This course will make your staff question what they currently do, are they doing things through habit? do they prioritise? could they use their time more effectively?

If you struggle to fit everything in, then this course will help. We’ll show you how to manage your time more effectively – using technology to help to keep you on track and demonstrate some simple ways of deciding what to focus on next when everything seems to be a priority. You’ll leave the course feeling more organised and in control.

Day 1 – Looking into the theory behind the organisation and challenging the normal routines; using Pareto’s 80 – 20 rule to ensure the work we are completing is the most effective for the organisation and not the things we have always done.

Day 2 – Putting together a daily task planner throughout the month for each department and then looking into meeting structures to build effective meeting agendas to allow time to be used efficiently.

Each course will be tailored to your organisation, if you would like anymore information please complete the form below and we can arrange a call or virtual meeting to explain the next steps.