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Mentoring Senior Staff

When mentoring your staff we here at CC Leisure Solutions follow 3 simple steps to make sure they stand out from the crowd.

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Step 1 – Determine where the person is in the learning process

Unconsciously Incompetent (UI) – New to the role/skill – not aware of what to do or how to do it.

Consciously Incompetent (CI) – Is aware of the role/skill but struggles to implement consistently

Consciously Competent (CC) – Knows what to do and can complete the role/skill themselves, just needs the confidence to get others to be able to complete the skill to their standard.

Unconsciously Competent (UC) – May have picked up inefficiencies whilst completing the role / skill but may not be aware – new habits may have formed.

Step 2 – Coach the person according to their place in the process

UI – Build awareness and insight into the role/skill, knowledge building phase.

CI – This tends to be the most difficult phase, where they are aware of what to do but can’t quite get consistency, working through challenges that may arise.

CC – As they have mastered the role / skill personally, now it’s about getting them to realise the breakdown of the skill so they can train others to get consistent too. Supporting them in the process.

UC – Help them to find the error of their ways, they will normally know the answer but may not realise that they have an issue, reinforcing standards is important in this phase

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Step 3 – Re-evaluating where the learner is

Re-evaluating where the learner is, to ensure moving them towards Consciously Competent, by either improving knowledge or bringing them back from Unconscious Competence.

UI – Do they know the skill/role yet? Do they see how the role/skill has been broken down?

CI – Are they committed to improve? Do they see the benefit of the skill?

CC – Can they make others complete the skill as well as they can complete it?

UC – Have they become complacent?

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