Part 1 - Training Day

Training bespoke to your organisation. Training is based upon real life leisure experiences, to ensure that the teams are engaged and buy in.

There are lots of elements to the day which include practical as well as educational content. Staff will be involved in the day, via interactive sessions, brainstorming, practice and checks for understanding. Your team know how to run the business, they just may not realise it yet.

Making team members realise that they may need help and that maybe some change would not only benefit the customer, but also their job role, is key to the day. This day isn’t about telling them it is about training them

Part 2 - Changes needed to make it stick

From the course the findings will be presented back to the management team.

The training day will have an impact on the staff but we need to ensure that changes are made so new behaviours shine through and stay consistent The presentation will not only highlight areas of concern but will also provide the solutions based upon best practice from over 100 organisations across the UK and channel islands In order for actions to happen it helps if we can make people accountable for them, the afternoon session does just this.

Allocating responsibility to staff with realistic timeframes to ensure that the improvements happen. Tools can also be provided to ensure that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Part 3 - Making you self-sufficient

CCLS are more than happy to train your organisation to become self-sufficient, in fact, we sort of insist this happens were possible.

Your organisation will always need to induct customer care, and re-train so we like to make sure you have all the tools you need to be able to do this for yourselves once we have gone. The normal way this is done is as follows:

Your trainer will be part of the course, Day 1, Day 2 they will work with our trainer and get used to the powerpoints etc and the handouts Day 3 Make notes and prepare to team teach. Day 4 either team teach or present the whole day All the tools will then become your to use and adapt


CC Leisure Solutions can provide training tailored to your business needs, We are also an authorised partner for Everything DiSC. Help your business adapt and strive.