Why Choose Us?

Why Choose CC Leisure Solutions? Let us give you 3 reasons. That’s all it takes.

Business Development Courses from CC Leisure Solutions

Customer Care

Customer Care is the most popular starting point for most of our customers.

Improving Interactions

Retaining members means improving the service from a product perspective.

Sales Training & Busines Development

A practical training course covering the main tools needed for successful sales.

Mentoring Courses

We follow 3 simple steps to help provide adequate training & mentoring to your staff.

Time Management Courses

This course will make your staff question what they currently do.

Train Your Staff to Train

Teaching staff to present effectively, to make sure they can get their point across

Data Solutions

Is your data driving the business? Our solutions are informed from 100+'s of data sources.

Business Audits

Our business audits allow us to create opportunities that will help throughout the business.

Teaching the skills and providing the tools to make your organisation self sufficient

We employ a 6-step process at CC Leisure Solutions



How will you measure the work that we do? The training must exist to drive business outcomes. If it can’t be measured you are setting up to fail. don’t leave the outcomes to chance, make sure you decide in order to get the best results possible. The outcomes can come in the form of assessments, increased skills, better standards or more consistency.

Build the complete package

What happens before and after the event is just as important as the training itself. A bespoke course aimed at making the team think differently, getting them to realise that some changes may be good. After would be things to practice, tools to use to keep consistency and ways to make the course live.


During the training it is important that you cross the learning-doing gap, there needs to be practice and not just theory. Active learning with practice and feedback is essential if we want new behaviours to continue. Content covered is not content learned. If we can get the team to enjoy the day and get involved there is more likelihood of the course being remembered, and therefore be used.

Training Transfer

This is normally the missing link between training and results. For most organisations this is the biggest area to concentrate on. It is essential that managers support training and the training transfer or the likelihood is wasted training which results in loss of goodwill

Tools & Support

Essential when trying out new skills; it’s the support that allows the behavioural change and consistency. tools such as: Check sheets, Job aids, Assessment tools, Instruction manuals, Flow charts. If these can be used during the training there the practice can then be more realistic, allowing better understanding.

Document Results

Did the training add value? We must be able to prove value and show how the results improved the business. What worked? What didn’t? Do we need to add more transfer or cover things again for certain individuals? Have we planned re-cap training?