Long-Term Behavioural & Cultural Change Courses

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CC Leisure Solutions are experts in identifying and then implementing the required cultural and behavioural change within an organisation to ultimately drive commercial success.

Through effective business process management you will not only deliver better service to your customer but you will also realise the commercial gains in doing so. Our efforts are tailored specifically to the leisure industry and our guidance will therefore improve organisations looking for leisure courses to improve and grow their business.

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What can we help you achieve?

We provide insight-driven advice and tailored solutions that enable our clients to maximise performance.

Our industry-led experts can help you transform your people strategy to attract and retain talent, drive high performance & develop leadership.

How can we make these promises?

We’ll provide fully bespoke and leisure courses and mentoring to your team. Nurturing your in-house talent and providing the team with the tools to flourish.

Often teams don’t know ‘what good looks like’, we’ll define clear expectations and implement benchmarking to track performance.

Ensuring Consistency

We're experts at working with you to change behaviours for the long term, providing insight, tools and training to make things stick.

Our tailored approach delivers useful results that reflect the needs of your business because we understand your culture, your environment and your budget.

Getting the best from your team

The building blocks of a cohesive team

These are the building blocks to getting the most from your teams and helping them not only to understand themselves but how to adapt to get the best from others!

DiSC Profiling
Teaching the skills and providing the tools to make your organisation self sufficient

We employ a 6-step process at CC Leisure Solutions



How will you measure the work that we do? The training must exist to drive business outcomes. If it can’t be measured you are setting up to fail. Don’t leave the findings to chance; make sure you decide to get the best results possible. The outcomes can come in the form of assessments, increased skills, better standards or more consistency.

Build the complete package

What happens before and after the event is just as important as the training itself. A bespoke course aimed at making the team think differently, getting them to realise that some changes may be right. After would be things to practice, tools to use to keep consistency and ways to make the course live.


During the training it is essential that you cross the learning-doing gap; there needs to be practice and not just theory. Active learning with practice and feedback is vital if we want new behaviours to continue. Content covered is not content learned. If we can get the team to enjoy the day and get involved there is more likelihood of the course being remembered, and therefore be used.

Training Transfer

This is usually the missing link between training and results. For most organisations, this is the most significant area to concentrate on. It is essential that managers support training and the training transfer or the likelihood is wasted training which results in loss of goodwill

Tools & Support

Essential when trying out new skills; it’s the support that allows the behavioural change and consistency. Tools such as: Check sheets, Job aids, Assessment tools, Instruction manuals, Flow charts. If these can be used during the training there, the practice can then be more realistic, allowing better understanding.

Document Results

Did the training add value? We must be able to prove value and show how the results improved the business. What worked? What didn’t? Do we need to add more transfer or cover things again for certain individuals? Have we planned re-cap training?

What Our Customers Have to Say

“We were indebted to Craig Campbell from CCLeisure Solutions who brilliantly hosted and facilitated the event over the 2 days.

The S.L.N.G. will be asking Craig to return for the 2019 conference and have no hesitation in recommending him to host and facilitate all such events.”

Bobby KerrDevelopment Officer, West Dunbartonshire Leisure

“Craig’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable to our business. Craig is incredibly in touch with the customer, the market, customer needs and what is realistically achievable and measurable for a business. He comes across as being incredibly motivational and yet is a very good listener, his presentation skills are excellent and very engaging. I would highly recommend Craig, he is a pleasure to work with.”

Fiona WestCircadian Leisure

“Craig is a dynamic character that helps you to look at your business differently with customer focus and drive to improve performance. Craig has made a huge difference in our approach to increasing sales and improving customer retention. His wealth of experience and knowledge is excellent, the only thing we ever ask is for more of his time.”

Mark WildmanSandwell Leisure Trust

“Craig has exceptional knowledge of the fitness industry. His experience allows him to analyse your company and staff in great depth; he will leave your workforce feeling highly motivated and eager to use the new skills he delivers. Craig is a fantastic mentor and an excellent public speaker, I've learnt a lot from him, a real pleasure to work with”

Mark HarrisonDirector Dynamics Fitness Consultants

“Excellent, frank, energetic way to hold a mirror up to the way in which you are working...leading to a 'line in the sand' moment to design a new future.”

Carl DanielsHead of Leisure - Actif (Carmarthen)

“Craig understood our brief and provided a tailored training solution. Delivery was relevant and inclusive for all participants. Current practice was challenged and whilst this created some professional discomfort realistic solutions were identified.”

John MarsdenHead of Leisure Vivacity leisure

Top 10 Recurring Mistakes In The Leisure Industry

I first presented this workshop over 10 Years ago at a Quest conference and the Scottish Leisure Network. I decided to revisit to see if the industry had moved on, I see pockets of excellence everywhere I go but have these ten mistakes been actions yet by the masses, well the answer is no.