DiSC Profile Examples

All the Profiles below are free to Download and will give you an idea on how they could help you build relationships etc.

Download Workplace Profile
Workplace profiles – are a great starting point with DiSC profiling and can be completed on staff no matter of their role in the organisation
Managers Profile
Taking DiSC to another level, looking at how best to Delegate, Motivate and Develop your team, with all the guesswork done for you.
Sales Profile
Any staff who have to sell either memberships or space would benefit from this profile as this works with Business to Customer as well as Business to Business
Conflict Profile
Conflict is something that is inevitable, so giving team members a strategy do deal with it just makes sense.
363 Appraisal Profile
363 Appraisal - full rounded information, with selections so staff are not aware who said what.
Comparison Report Profile
Comparison reports show exactly how to get the best out of your relationship with your colleagues. Advising what to do and how to adapt to get the best results. These are FREE to everybody who has had a profile completed.
Group Culture Report
As each person has behaviours they need to be aware of so does the organisation, so being aware of how people may feel and what you should do about it becomes an effective tool in the fine-tuning of your team.
Team Reports
Team review reports give you a base understanding of aspects of culture and can help to show imbalances that you should rectify.

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