The Importance of Group Culture

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I Didn’t realise just how important the Group Culture was until I became an outsider!

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Whilst working with and managing a team sometimes you get lost or caught up in the culture, especially when you are in the driving seat.

Over the last 6 years, I have become an outsider (one of those people who come in from the outside to help organisations to become more commercial) and my eyes have been opened, as I have had to start listening!! yes actually listening.

Here are some comments I have become used to hearing:

  • I have told them (them being the bosses) loads of times, but nobody does anything
  • What is the point, every time I come up with an idea I just get told it won’t work?
  • Why is it they will listen to you, but they are not bothered by what the staff say or think.
  • There is no one else driving this business, I feel like I am doing it all on my own.
  • Doesn’t matter, that’s what I am asked to do, so I do it

I am going to stop here but the list is endless, and none of them is any good for the businesses I help.

Where does the culture come from?

  • The style of the group leaders
  • The majority style of the group (I use DiSC to find this out)
  • The type of work the group does
  • The historical culture of the group
  • who does the hiring in the group/team (they hire people like themselves because they think, if they are like me they will be good).

They say if it cant be measured then you cant effect it. (don’t know who they are by the way)

Imagine if you could measure your companies culture, and then create action plans to ensure that you get the best from all of your team, would your results improve.

Yes, they would and yes they do!

They can be measured, and the results make a huge difference in so many ways:

  • Increased profitss, as team members become more effective.
  • Staff stay for longer, therefore customers stay for longer.
  • Work becomes a much better place to be, and people won’t mind going the extra mile, as it is on their terms, not the companies (or just because its expected)

To See an example profile please click on the link below, for more information email [email protected].

Let’s make work a place to enjoy, it’s always nicer working in an environment that suits everyone, not just the Clique.

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Many thanks, Craig Campbell

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