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A Breakdown of Leisure Industry Training Courses 2019 CCLS

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CC Leisure Solutions are specialist trainers that provide leisure industry training courses which enable businesses to build the skills they need to succeed in a competitive work environment.

Do you want to…

  • Encourage your team to recruit and retain more members?
  • Improve customer care?
  • Learn how to create marketing campaigns that deliver real results?
  • Become a more effective team leader?

CC Leisure Solutions offers a wide range of training courses and workshops that will enable your team to develop functional skills and communicate with your customers more effectively than ever before.  Experts have designed our courses with many years’ experience in the leisure industry. So, whether you want to improve your coaching skills, or need to know more about spreadsheets, we can help.

Sales Training Course Breakdown

Starting in Sales (introductory)

An efficient course is covering the main tools and techniques needed for successful sales within the leisure industry.  This is a bespoke course tailored to meet the needs of your team members and the sites they operate

After the two-day course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the features and benefits of the centre/organisation
  • Implement checklists to support the sales process from lead generation, call, tour, to new member
  • Interact professionally with customers and leads in line with standards, both telephone calls and meetings
  • Understand how their performance will be measured and monitored
  • Understand different types of customers and reasons for joining
  • Create new lead generation opportunities
  • Understand and implement the sales process
  • Manage objections, take tours and implement various close alternatives

Improved sales management (intermediate)

This course is aimed at Sales/Marketing managers who already have some sales experience.  We look in more detail at the tools and techniques that work, how sales initiatives can be sabotaged, and how to get the best out of a sales team.

Sales masterclass (advanced)

Our advanced masterclass takes your sales skills to another level.  Learn from the best in the business.

Sales Team Audits

An in-depth review. Using our leisure industry expertise, we’ll take a detailed look at how your sales team is performing and review the techniques you are using to sign up new members.

Marketing & Business Development Courses

Marketing Communications Made Easy – a step by step training programme

This course is designed to meet the needs of those new to marketing in the leisure industry.  It can also be tailored to meet specific needs and run in-house.  Part One – understanding the leisure market.  Who are your customers – membership types and the customer database?  Defining goals and objectives and creating a marketing plan (plus the thorny issue of setting and sticking to a budget).  In Part Two, we cover producing a detailed action/campaign plan for the next 12 months, how to choose the right channels for your organisation and your customers.  We’ll finish by explaining how to design compelling artwork and content and measuring the results.

New moves– trends in the leisure market

An overview of new initiatives in the UK leisure market – with guest speakers and discussion/networking time.

A whole new world– tips and techniques for surviving the Marketing revolution

The way consumers interact with businesses has changed dramatically over the last few years.  If you are struggling to keep up with digital marketing, the switch to an inbound strategy, creating compelling content and monitoring social media this one day workshop is for you.

Ten easy ways to increase spend per swipe

Increasing spend per swipe by even a few pence can make a dramatic impact on your bottom line.  We take you through ten simple ways to get your customers buying and doing more every time they visit.

Getting customers through the door– 7 simple steps to boost footfall

For a leisure business to succeed, you need to attract a constant stream of customers.  So how can you get more people visiting more often?  We’ll show you seven practical steps you can take to boost footfall and how to ensure people keep coming back for more.

Marketing Audits

An in-depth review. Using our leisure industry expertise, we’ll take a detailed look at how the marketing tools you are using and how well they are performing. If you need help with recruiting more members, improving retention or encouraging members to spend more at each visit we can help.

Bringing data to life– Part 1

Using your customer database to get great results.  This one-day course covers data entry, keeping the information up to date, segmentation/tagging, and understanding your responsibilities for data protection and contacting customers.

Bringing data to life– Part 2

An intermediate course designed for those who already understand the basics.  Learn how to use the fantastic resource that is your customer database to plan courses, design marketing materials and much, much more.

Data-driven decision making– a masterclass

Your customer database can help guide your decision making on everything from operational and administrative issues to planning your recruitment and retention strategies.  It’s a brilliant source of information if you know how to access it.  We’ll show you the hidden data about potential cost savings and revenue opportunities that can make a massive difference to your bottom line and demonstrate how to make this data a crucial part of your decision-making process.

Customer Care Courses

Managing complaints effectively– Top 10 Tips

No-one likes getting complaints, but they are a fantastic opportunity to turn a bad experience into something useful.  We’ll show you why customer complaints are so valuable to your organisation and share best practice ideas for how to deal with the issues effectively and keep things under control.

Customer care and Up-selling

Understand what makes excellent customer service and the importance of creating an excellent first impression.  The course covers everything from how to communicate effectively, how to measure customer satisfaction, and how to make the most of up-selling opportunities.

Fussy customer – a member’s eye view

Management review and present back (plus report). Mystery shopper service to see how things appear from a customer’s point of view.

Leadership Courses 

Lead and succeed

This course will show you how to use different management styles and techniques to get the best out of your team members and create a positive, well-motivated working environment.

Management Meetings can be the bane of working life.  If yours are too long, always going off at a tangent and somehow end up without any agreed actions, then we can help.  We’ll show you how to plan, organise and run successful meetings that get things done.

Learn how to create a coaching culture within your organisation.  We’ll show you how to improve team performance by setting clear goals and objectives and demonstrate how to develop your team’s personal and functional skills.

Here at CC Leisure Solutions, we’re experts in bringing data to life.  By taking a detailed look at your membership data, we can uncover hidden opportunities to increase revenue and reduce costs dramatically.  If you are ready to take your leisure business to the next level, this review will give you all the information you need.

Operational Management Courses

Get more done – right now!

If you struggle to fit everything in this course will help.  We’ll show you how to manage your time more effectively – using technology to help to keep you on track – and demonstrate some simple ways of deciding what to focus on next when everything seems to be a priority. You’ll leave the course feeling more organised and in control.

Project management for leisure teams

A specialist course for those in the Leisure Industry that need help with project management and implementation.  This would be especially useful if your organisation is undergoing a significant change, and you need help to manage the associated projects efficiently.

Raising standards – processes that work

We’ll review your current procedures to see where time could be saved, how to make processes consistent, and outcomes measurable so you can stay in control of standards across the business.

Facilities management / Pool management / Health & Safety 

A series of practical courses aimed specifically at the operational management team.

Fitness Training

Training the trainers

Train your staff to become better fitness trainers; this course also helps with designing the structure of courses or sessions to improve overall outcomes.

Consistency of kit

300+ reasons to interact with gym users and other members and how to make the most of each opportunity.

Programme Writing – a hands-on guide

A one-day course is showing you how to ensure the best possible results for your members by writing programmes that help them achieve their goals (rather than using a one-size fit all approach).

Weight management

A highly effective 6-week weight management course for your staff to implement with members.

Functional fitness

Improve staff awareness and integrations in the functional arena

Boost your course uptake

Practical ways of improving the occupancy levels on fitness courses and classes using lots of examples of what works and why. Aimed at helping you fill classes and generate more income.

IT & Administration with Leisure

Microsoft Office skills

Improve the way you use Excel and Word in your business.

Advanced Microsoft Office skills

A more advanced look at Office and how you can get more out of it.

Advanced Excel, Access & VBA

Learn how to automate tasks in Excel using VBA and how to use the Access database management system to create apps and much more.

Invoices & Process Automation

We’ll review your current administration processes to see where time can be saved and what can be automated.

Process and paperwork review

Using our leisure industry expertise, we’ll take a detailed look at the processes you are using and show you how to monitor service levels more efficiently and to raise standards consistently across the business.