Who we work with – Partnerships

We only recommend organisations that have a proven track record of quality service. All relationships built are with the customer in mind.

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Take a free trial

Experience their full service for a week, no half measures. Moneypenny provides a phone answering service which is second to none. We’ll select the right Moneypenny PA for your business and recommend a pricing scheme afterwards. To us, free means exactly that: no hidden set-up fees, no admin charges, and absolutely no ongoing commitment – you’ve got nothing to lose measures


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Mark is exceptional at what he does, once you have tried his services, you will never look back.

Dynamic Fitness Consultants work with Leisure organisations to help improve retention, gym floor interaction, fitness staff knowledge and PT sales via group training courses through specifically designed consultancy days.

We give staff and management the ability to approach and interact positively with customers on the gym floor create a consistency in knowledge and perform to the standards we would like to see in our facilities. 

For the past 12 years, the have had the pleasure of working with many fantastic leisure companies, fitness managers professional sports teams and sporting goods companies and have loved the huge variety and knowledge gained.

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Chris provides everything you would need for First aid in the workplace, from training you up to become self-sufficient to online courses to keep the costs down

At CTC Training & Development Limited, we are committed to providing the highest quality learning in a professional and fun way. We empower our students to ask insightful questions and confront conventional ways of thinking. We invite you to learn more about CTC Training & Development Limited and discover an education built for you.

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Crisp Assist is a data and training consultancy company that specialises in helping organisations understand the vast array of data that they hold within their business to ensure that they are getting the very best out of their data to drive their business decision making. Our background knowledge has been in health and leisure, but the tools and techniques can be applied to any industry.

We offer data audit services which involve coming on-site spending time with your team understanding and analysing your different data sources, reviewing data capture methods, examining how data is processed and analysed and what methods are used to review your data quality. The result is a full analysis of your data flow methodology, identifying efficiencies and opportunities to improve upon current processes. We are specialised in Microsoft Office products, where we can tailor training in specific products for your business needs.

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