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Inductions & Making Them Stick

Inductions are always bespoke to the organisation, this process should equip your staff with all the tools and skills to be able to fully complete their job role, and even exceed it.

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What standards do you have in place, by the end of this training you will have “The Way We Do Things Here” document.

Standards and expectations laid out to ensure everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet. Consistency is key during the induction.

Getting the beginning right for staff is essential, CC Leisure Solutions will walk you through the process and ensure you have the skills and tools to train your staff fully.

In turn, this will improve not only retention of staff, but also the retention of customers.

[title text=”New Induction Software to ensure the process is embedded”] 

[accordion] [accordion-item title=”The Learning Management system.”]

Is an advanced induction procedure for your organisation to know exactly where you are with your training.

The Online portal is designed to keep process efficient and reduce unnecessary burden on administrative staff. The portal welcome screen is personalised for each individual with a separate portal showing advanced options for managers including the ability to self-administrate new starters within their teams.


Users can clearly see their courses which have been assigned to them, a calendar showing meetings and course dates plus a separate area where they can evaluate all of their training.

The skills profile option allows us to set a number of tasks including courses required in their induction period, meetings with managers and their induction checklists.

[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Report on all aspects of the induction”]

Reporting on Induction completion, Individual sections and also courses within the induction

Our system also allows reporting on responses to questions within the courses or skill profile.

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Comprehensive menu  driven system, giving users the ability to easily move between sections of their induction.


Easily select an area within the induction to work towards at a time convenient to your business needs.